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AHC mission

There has been a huge shift in consciousness over the past few years. Many have answered the call to move beyond illusion and limitation and seek deeper meaning and understanding on their life path. Ascension Healing Center was founded to support those going through the healing, awakening, and ascension process. 


Whether you are experiencing a spiritual transformation, you are exploring an alternative approach to improve your mental health, or you want to release emotional pain that has manifested physically, services are designed to bridge the gap between your mind, body, and soul. In creating harmony between these aspects of yourself, our intention is to help you return to a state of Oneness. 


If you feel it is time to move into a new phase of your life, to remember who you are as a Lightworker, Starseed, Multidimensional Being, or Infinite Soul, or to embody your mission on Earth, your journey has already begun. 

Services Offered

Mind - Transformational Coaching and Hypnosis


Body - Vibroacoustic Therapy


Soul - Energy Healing and Crystal Bed Therapy


Mon 10am - 8pm

Tue   10am - 8pm

Wed 10am - 8pm

Thu   10am - 8pm

Fri     10am - 8pm

Sat    10am - 6pm

Sun   10am - 6pm


Deltona, Florida 32738

By Appointment Only


(386) 527-7001